Listen to Love Your Terrorist, AXD(istortion) Remix by Ater X Decem.

A first remix by 6siss of ‘the end is near’ has been played on villa synergy, a radio show from the facebook group ‘open music synergy’ on ‘villabotta’ a online radiostation in Belgium.  Go check it out at about 19:05.

The first three remixes in a whole series are out on their bandcamp page.


After doing a remix some time ago I would love to know what others would do with my ‘music’….

Pick a song you would like to remix/remake here: and let me know.  I’ll mail a link with multi-tracks & midi files…

I would then put all remixes on bandcamp, under cc license offcourse and every remixer will be mentioned.

If someone want’s to ‘remix’ the artwork of the ep that is also possible offcourse…or make something completely new…

I might make some ‘new’ versions of some old tracks myself soon…


for greater good remix

I’ve done a remix for the guys of for greater good…more info soon

Finally the new website is online!  Go check it out, have a listen, click on some links, have some fun…

a video I made myself some time ago


My new sounds:

some nice electronic music by xelomen.  enjoy!